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After the auction

What happens after a quarantine auction?

In the 7 days after a quarantine auction the domain names from the auction will become available to register. We will try our obvious best to register these domain names. We will notify you whether we have been able to obtain the domain name.

What happens after a theme auction?

After the theme auction closes the winners will be automatically notified via e-mail. This e-mail will also contain the follow up actions required. Since theme auctions do not involve quarantine domain names, but existing domain names that belong to third parties the transfer of a theme auction domain name is generally completed rather quickly.

How will I know whether I’ve won an auction?

If you visit the "Closed auctions" page after the auction you will see who the highest bidder was for each domain name. You can also view the current standings during an auction on that page.

I have won an auction, when can I expect the domain?

In the Monday/Tuesday auctions we will auction the domain names that will be released Wednesday / Tuesday the following week. You will know within 7 days whether we have succeeded in obtaining the domain name. You will be notified per domain name after it has been released.